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    For Aperture Users

    cielo4 Level 1

      I have been a long time Aperture User. I also own my own copy (glad I did) of Photoshop CS6.


      Aperture will function for a good long while, love the program, but don't mind switching now that the writing is on the wall.


      I wasn't aware of all the "cloud" changes/focus of Adobe. This is new to me. I took the plunge two days ago with the $9.95 option. Wasn't happy with $120/year to borrow a program, but figured there must be some reason this works.


      Now that I've used LR for a day, played with it, I better understand it. I've watched it from a distance grow over the years. Attended photoshop conferences and heard about it, figured I might buy it some day.


      That day has come.


      I've already got my refund coming. Here's why Adobe.


      #1 - as an Aperture User, I don't understand your terminology. When I read what would happen if I decided to quit paying you money, I had no point of reference to understand exactly what that meant. Figured it didn't matter.

      #2 - loaded up the program, imported pics, started learning. Started having fun. Suddenly it hit me: I lose the key functionality I need if I quit paying Adobe money. I realized what that word "develop" meant.

      #3 - once I realized that I would basically have a program that doesn't do much of anything, correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't figure out what it would do other than slideshow, share with Facebook, etc (other programs do that much for free)...what would Lightroom do if I quit paying Adobe money?

      #4 - Now that I realize what is happening, I can't keep going forward, it would be irrational. Unless I'm misunderstanding something. Clarify please. I'm willing to pay for software, always have. My wallet hurt buying the full version of CS6.

      #5 - Here's the crux of what I don't think Adobe is taking into consideration with the pay forever or lose functionality model:

              - I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. Beat it.

              - I was diagnosed with cancer again a few months ago, stem cell transplant, chemo, going to beat it.

              - LIFE PRESENTS CHANGES AND PROBLEMS. I realize you guys are rich and expect us all to just pay forever, but there are twists and turns that come in life. I am scaling down to save money while temporarily on disability. Lets say I have to stay on disability (which I won't, I work and will work unless I die) and am presented with a difficult life circumstance, I've paid $120 or more for a program I can't do anything with.




      Does this sound even logical? Why not offer to those who desire, the ability to purchase Lightroom upright. Just buy it. I'm willing to pay. I suddenly see this pay forever or else model as a rip off. If life takes a cruel turn, and trust me as a 49 year old hard working man who has paid his dues, life can get unfair at times. What are you going to do for a loyal customer Adobe? Just disable my program and not care?


      Think about it. Just think about it. Maybe after a person pays a normal fair price, they could fully own the right to normal functionality, no more updates, and not be penalized for not paying forever. I don't need all the syncing and other nice features. Those are great and progressive, but what about just a photo management program that allows for RAW processing/editing?


      I don't understand the advantage of a pay forever model, with the exception to how it pads Adobe's wallet. Otherwise, as an end user, I'm screwed by another large corporation. At least Apple let me have my program and said they will keep it running for a while.

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          David__B Adobe Employee

          Hi Cielo4,


          Also, it is possible to purchase Lightroom to own, like Photoshop CS6. It is difficult to find on Adobe.com

          Here is the link: https://www.adobe.com/products/catalog/software._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_softwar e_sl_mostpopular.html?promoid=KLXMI


          - Dave

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            dj_paige Level 9

            First of all, you're not talking to Adobe here, most of us are not Adobe employees and the few that are can't change the marketing policies.


            Secondly, as David__B has explained, you can still buy Lightroom, own it forever, no monthly fees.


            Thirdly, if your only view of Lightroom is an editor, then yes, if you stop paying the subscription, you can no longer edit your photos (but you do not lose the edits you made to photos before you stopped paying). If you think of Lightroom as a digital asset management program, you can still use it as that (even if you stop paying the subscription); you can also export your photos or distribute them via Print, Web, Slideshow or Publish methods, so the work you have done in the past is not lost in any way.


            Does this sound even logical?

            No, your facts are wrong.