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    The mp4-movie file doesn´t show in folder when importing video

    LARV Level 1

      When I run my movie .avi-file thru a HTML video converter and set the options to .webM, .mp4 and .ogg, the files end up alright in the target folder.
      But when I go to Edge and import movie, the .mp4-file doesn´t show, so I can only add the .webm and .ogg-files.


      I was told I need the .mp4 in my video as well or it wont play in explorer and safari.
      If I mark the "MP4 Low Res (HTML5)" when converting that file will show when importing in Edge, but it resizes the movie to 1/4 the size and it´s too low res to work..


      Please help. There´s not a single action I take where something isn´t just working right of the bat.. so frustrated I´m about to give up