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    CC 2014 transparency display in QuarkXpress 10 problem


      Hi All,


      I have just had a very unsatisfactory technical support chat with Adobe, so thought I would ask here in the hope that someone has had the same problem and solved it. I'll try to summarise - please let me know if I need to add further details!


      Basically, I have a range of .psd files created in CS5.5. They all have transparent backgrounds and include outer glows and the like, so have gradients fading from a colour to transparent contained within them, which also prevents the use of a clipping path to solve the issue below. I am using QuarkXpress 10 and all these older files work perfectly with it in every way.


      However, we have recently upgraded to CC 2014 and I made the mistake of making a tiny edit to the psds and saving them again in CC 2014. They now display in Quark with odd graphical errors and all transparent areas are a block of whatever colour the gradient is, at it's strongest - i.e. if I have a gradient from blue to transparent, the image displays in Quark with a solid blue background. I am 100% certain that I have all my box settings correct in Quark, so no background should display. I have experimented a little and worked out that ANY eps, tiff or psd with transparency in it, created in my old CS5.5 works fine, but any created in CC 2014 does not work. It will not display correctly, print or pdf with any transparency settings.


      I am in touch with Quark and they are looking into the issue for me. I also got in touch with Adobe yesterday and spent 1/2 hour being told that it wasn't a Photoshop problem as the files displayed ok in Photoshop itself. They were therefore unable to help me. It was a third-party issue, I should contact Quark, and they were unable to comment on anything to do with CS5 as it wasn't supported anymore.


      It seems to me that something has changed in the way Photoshop encodes transparency. I admit that it is something Quark needs to deal with too, but to my mind Adobe have caused the problem so need to bear some responsibility.


      I am getting behind with my work and am about to install CS3 to re-upgrade to 5.5 so I can get on with things, but that is only an interim measure.


      If anyone has any ideas about how to help a very frustrated graphic designer, they would be very much appreciated.


      Many thanks,

      Lee Armstrong