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    search by name

    Luc Laurent

      Can I create a web app search by it's item Name ?

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          Keihamm Level 1

          It depends on how you intend to search. Is it an input field that requires a user to type in there search term? Or something else? such as a dropdown. If it is an input field that requires the user to enter in the search term, then just use the "keywords" field for your search. It will automatically search through the name of the webapp item and through whatever content is in the description field (wysiwyg content) and return results. However, note that if you have an item that is named "cat" (singular) and someone searches for "cats"(plural) then nothing will be returned. It is a good practice to somehow include a variation of your item name in the description field if that is what you want to get returned. So if your item is named "cat" then in the description, put a sentence somewhere that states "cats are cool" or just "cats". so if someone searches for "cats", an item will be returned. If you are looking for singular results, then you will need to create your own custom field, and populate it with your item name, and then use that custom field for your search either by input, or dropdown etc. This method is all manual entry, and is not good practice unless you are using dropdowns.

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            Luc Laurent Level 1

            That's very clear, thank you.