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    Compiling Multiple Files at Once

      Every resource I have found on the mxmlc compiler suggests that I can only compile one file at a time. I was simply wondering if I could run the compiler over a directory of MXML files and generate SWFs of the same name. I would simply prefer not to have to run the command line compiler for each file. I don't have FlexBuilder.

      Better yet, if compiling multiple files is possible, how could I do that using the mxmlc task in Ant?

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          If you get the latest code for flexlib (use a subversion client of your choice)


          This has an ant build file which builds the lib (swc file) _and_ also builds the library examples i.e. multiple mxml files. It does this using a third party library plugin for ant which implements a for..loop over the source files. I have made this sound more complicated that it actually is..just look at the script and all will be clear.