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    GroupingField: groupingFunction and groupObjFunction mistake of design


      Those two function in GroupingField class this are strangely wrong... in my opinion.


      groupingFunction has the following prototype:

      private function groupFunc(item:Object, field:GroupingField):String { return item[field.name].toString().substr(0, 1); }

      groupObjFunction has the following prototype:

      private function groupObjFunction(label:String):Object { var obj:Object = {}; obj.name = "Bob";  return obj; }


      Normally, for groupObjFunction is important to have the item parameter available. (the label parameter is useless in most of the cases).

      The normal data will have ids, data and labels. I want to keep underground ids and all sorts of data and display only labels.

      This two functions just made this basic thing impossible.