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    InDesign keeps freezing when updating a paragraph style, a color swatch or moving pages

    Aloof Level 1

      I am experiencing a very serious blocking bug. Somehow, when I update certain text styles and click Preview or Update Style Definition, the program goes to 100% CPU (single thread) and never recovers. The same happens when moving certain spreads in the document or updating a color swatch. I suspect a bad font, but I can't change the fonts, because the program freezes when I redefine styles. When I change the color or font manually in the workspace of the document, everything works. Any ideas, Adobe?


      I have tried deleting the SavedData and Preferences, it doesn't have an effect.


      I am using InDesign CC 2014 on Windows 7. I have never experienced such behavior from InDesign before. (I've got a lot of experience with the program since Version CS1)