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    start one frame after previous

    ryan_pu Level 1

      I got pulled to do some dynamic Word forms (another thing I have never done) so there is a good chance I brain dumped knowledge gained last week.


      Where I am stuck now is I need frame 2 to begin at the end of frame 1. I come from a web background and I automatically think div's and they stack natively then get all cranky when these frames don't. I asked in the main forum thinking this should be a feature but I guess not.


      So what I am thinking is I need a script to determine where the end is?

      Does the script need to do something like take the location of the top of the frame + the height in order to get bottom location?

      Is this already been done... It seems like something that would be common.


      for the bigger picture: I'm building 3 TOC's that stack on each other to form 1. Some require chapter numbers come don't. Some use roman numerals, some use numbers, some us A# stuff. Seems like 3 toc's tightly packed would be easier but I am needing to build the update button for them to automate the   process.


      Almost done with the preface! YAY!