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    Lightroom files preview problem in Google Drive - PLEASE help!!! TIFs, TIFFs??

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      I have recently started to upload my images to Google Drive. I am using Lightroom 4.4 in Windows 7. Here is my problem:


      • I take TIFFs (.tif extension) with my Nikon D300. If I upload files directly to Google Drive from my camera there is no problem, each file shows up with a proper thumbnail and can be clicked on to show a full sized preview.


      • When I edit a file with Lightroom I save it as a TIFF with no compression / color space sRGB / bit depth 16bits. This creates a file with a .tif extension. This time though, when I upload these iamges to Google Drive there are no image thumbnails, just icons. Similarly, when I click on one of these files I get a "Whoops! There was a problem previewing this document" error. It won't open with the suggested Google Drive viewer either.


      Obviously I have been in touch with Google's support people and they are unable to provide an explanation! They point out that technically they only support TIFF files, and not TIF (???) which is fair enough, but all my photos are .TIFs - and some of them preview and some don't!!


      It appears that something is happening to the file when edited in Lightroom that renders it "unpreviewable". Has anyone had a similar problem? Is there something I can change when I save the edited files? I don't want to have to save them as JPEGs and there is no option for saving with a .TIFF extension (Lightroom has TIFF as a file option but this results in a .TIF)


      I am at the end of my tether and Google have been no help at all.


      Thanks for any help you can offer me! (I am happy to share a folder of examples with anyone)