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    Basic Button

    sbryner Level 1
      I must be missing something simple. I have a button component in my library. When I drag
      it to the stage and define the parameters (label) it shows up just fine.

      When I publish and view the swf the button does not appear just a rectangular white box appears
      and the white box actually works with my actionscript ( I mean I can still click and it loads what I want)
      it just doesn't look like a button or have the label of my button on it.

      There must be something simple I'm missing.

      any ideas?
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          ewon15 Level 1
          I always steer clear of using the components... could you make your own movie clip and use it as a button? that way you know how it should be functioning b/c you built it from scratch :0)

          otherwise i would just try dragging a new button component from the component library, rather than your own library.
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            sbryner Level 1
            That's what I was thinking. I'd just have to make a movieClip instead. I just don't understand why it doesn't work.