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    How do I share color swatches between PS, IL, and ID?

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      I am trying to share a color palette that I created in the swatches panel in Photoshop to the other CC products like Indesign. I created a set of swatches in Photoshop, used the Save Swatches for Exchange feature, and named it Mexican Chiles. It was automatically saved under the Color Swatches folder. Now, I can't figure out how to find and open that set of swatches in Indesign. What do I need to do to make this work?

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          You might try the InDesign forum also.


          Inconsistency between or among applications in the artificial "suites" should come as no surprise.


          The "suite" concept is a fabrication of Adobe marketing and bean-counting types.  The engineering teams are totally independent of each other, they are not only in different buildings but in different cities and states of the American Union, even in different countries.


          The fact that they have little if any communication among them is highlighted by requests occasionally made in these forums by top Adobe engineers to let the other teams know when there are problems in one application that impact our workflow in another one.