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    Error 550 when using CFFTP to remove a file

    jpmyob Level 1

      I'm using cfftp to download files which I parse, then I need to delete the file from the server. (coldfusion 11 - development)


      I can list, and download the files fine, but am butting my head into a problem that I can't seem to resolve.


      USING THE SAME PATH AND FILE NAME that allowed me to 'get' the file - When I try to remove the file - I get this error.


      Error: 550 file: No such file or directory .


      (again - the path and file name I provide are identical to the path/filename -

      if this is a permission problem, I can delete files thru Filezilla, using the same credentials - with no problem)



      Here is the call to remove -



          <cfftp  action="remove"





                  item="file" >