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    CFC Path


      Curious how I change the path to my CFC's within a FLEX application. For some reason it always wants to look at my c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ instead of my \appname directory. Ideally I want c:\inetpub\wwwroot\appname\components

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          BLXWebMaster Level 1
          If you want to put your CFC in a directory other than the webserver root, use a Coldfusion mapping. Create a mapping in CF Administrator ie; components. Reference your CFC in your Flex Apppication using dot notation ie;components.componentName. Update your services-confix.xml file and chnage the <use-mappings>true</use-mappings>. Make sure it is set to true.

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            blastbeat Level 1

            Thanks, are you sure I must make a mapping through CF? This makes hosting FLEX apps a bit more difficult don't you think? I was hoping I could simply create a directory from my application and use dot notation without the mapping in CF Admin. :(