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    New to stylistic sets


      I have just been introduced to the Microsoft open type font Gabriola. From within MS Word, I can see and use all 7 stylistic sets that are written into the font. (this is in Win7). When I bring that font onto my Mac and try and use it in InDesign CC2014, I can only access/use SS 1-3. Of course, SS 6 and 7 are the ones I want. I tried it in Illustrator CC2014 and all 7 SS appear in the drop-down list but there are no type entries after SS 3. Do you think this is something the font designer did on purpose? Somehow restricted 4-7 from any software that isn't MS Word? Or is this due to my inexperience with stylistic sets and there's something about accessing 4-7 that I'm missing? Open type fonts are interchangeable between Windows and OS X, aren't they?


      Thanks for your help.

      Robin in Short Pump