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    Why does Photoshop forum disrupt and make impossible discussions?

    cyberbaffled Level 1

      I received email from "Kelly" which can't be "replied" to and I can't find my discussion because you only display "Recent" posts.  How do I get around this infuriating forum process?  Following is a copy of the email I've tried to respond to. "R. Kelly, thanks for your thoughtful reply.  It was the marching ants immobilized.  The problem I’ve discovered after much experimentation is that the Invert links on the Layers and Adjustment Layers menus do not accommodate the procedure I described.  The solution is to use the select>invert  link in the Selection menu to divide the photo between the Magic Wand selection and everything outside that selection.  These two areas can then have casts removed independently using the Photo Filter technique. From: R_Kelly Sent: Friday, September 12, 2014 5:53 PM To: Phila Biblion Subject: [Photoshop General Discussion] How remove Magic Wand outline after inversion. How remove Magic Wand outline after inversion. created by R_Kelly in Photoshop General Discussion "