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    Extension Manager CC Version Problems

    Rock & Bloom

      This is less of a question and more of a comment that may help others or at the very least shed some light on a strange issue.


      I haven't been able to add any extensions to any Adobe Product since CC. This was because Extension manage kept giving me errors like I don't have the right version of Photoshop. Also no products were showing up. Anyway the many users have said to download and reinstall Extension Manager to make sure it's up to date.  Which I did several times.  However I eventually noticed that the version that CC would install from the menu panel wasn't the most recent version.


      I needed to go to the Extension Manager webpage and manually install the most recent patch.


      I think that CC absolutely needs to deal with this better. 1) It should automatically update every app to the most recent version and 2) if for some reason that's not possible CC panel should at least make me aware that there are patches available. That's a pretty trivial software solution to an incredibly frustrating issue.