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    Purchasing Adobe CC for upcoming Non-profit charity purposes


      Good Evening Everyone,


      I've learnt how to program various bits and pieces of particular programming languages here and there such as on-line and during some education. I purchased a second hand computer which various Adobe software on such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver of which I am more known with.I started programming a new website for an upcoming Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), Non-profit Charitable Organisation of which is primordially internet based.


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      But don't get swept in by the throng and crowd until you know what Raffle Bananza is all about! On paper, we're an NGO that directs funds from the general public (that's you!) to a diverse range of charities -- and we host raffles and lotteries during the process, so when you donate, you run the risk of winning something big!


      Ah, but that's just on paper. You see, in real life, Raffle Bananza is an up-and-coming Big Next Thing in the world of social good. Through Raffle Bananza, we intend to change how people approach the act of charity. The Raffle Bananza vision is that helping others through charity should be easy and rewarding for all involved -- with a dash of pizzazz mixed in there to make things fun!

      I myself am a 22-year old disabled person living in the United Kingdom with my partner. Due to my disabilities, my main one being registered blind/severally-sighed and therefore needing a minimum of a x500 magnification enabled at all times to use my system on a day to day basis, my partner is registered as my full-time carer. Our shared income amounts to less than £1 over what a singular person would be receiving via the national minimum wage.

      As I have a new system now due to the old one breaking down, what is the best package to purchase for the full adobe cloud access to mainly use Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver with a spot of Premier to use for my upcoming organisation. I understand once established I would be expected to change my package, however does Adobe help at all with start ups?

      Best Regards,