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    Setting State stops working

      I have three states that are activated by clicks of buttons and link buttons. Basically everything works for awhile. I can click different buttons in the State being shown and now issues. However after about 4 or 5 different clicks I click on a link button and the State will not change. I have another button on the same form that I can press that calls a componet on the server and the state changes. So all States in general are not getting "stuck" just this one State.

      Here is some code:
      <mx:VBox xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"
      currentState="{viewHelper.login.currentState}" >

      so I'm binding my login components state value to the VBox. In my AS I just set it like this
      login.currentState = "defaultState".

      So after a while this seems to lock up and not work anymore. Anyone have any ideas?

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          leotemp Level 1
          The buttons you have defined for your state changes are probably bound different things in that state your entering, go through your state list with that linkButton selected and verify that it is a uniform value.

          States generally should be used only for simple applications as anything else will probably require a complexity that should be handled by server side technologies and not be hard coded into your flex application. For example there is no reason to have several different states to show the changes in text for your app when you could simply alter the text using functions and maybe an animation, giving you the option to have unlimited text displayed without increasing the size and complexity of your flex ap

          1] get user input
          2] figure out required data
          3] request data from server
          4] return xml
          5] xml automatically propigates to controls and triggers functions for data parsing
          6] data parsing functions set data and trigger animations
          7] wait for user input