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    changed IP address to a NAS


      I currently store my photos/videos on a NAS, and had Elements catalog that hard drive (28,000  photos/videso), and backed up the catalog to an external hard drive. We've now moved and have a different internet provider, which assigned a different IP address to my NAS and the thumbnails to all my items now indicate a broken link.. Elements now thinks the NAS drive is "offline", even though it's right there (same file structure). Also, the reconnect drive option does not give me the new drive as an option, even though I can browse there just fine using Windows Explorer. Currently using Windows 8. any suggestions? I tried to restore my previous catalog using the version backed up to the external hard drive (onto the existing one), but nothing seems to have changed.


      File structure is quite extensive (2014/January/event), so going to each file individually would be a big hassle.