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    styleExportTagMaps errors in indesign cc




      I am using following javascript code in InDesign CS6 to create a character style called "TempStyle1" and assign style export tag maps to it.

      So, that the character style are exported with this definition.


      It works on InDesign CS6. But when i run it on InDesign CC version, it throws an error message "Invalid tag for style mapping".


      Can any one help me on this.


      My InDesign CS6 codes are:


      var newCStyle = app.activeDocument.characterStyles.add({name:"TempStyle1"});

      newCStyle.pointSize = "0.1 pt";

      newCStyle.styleExportTagMaps.add({exportType:"EPUB", exportTag:"a", exportClass:"[page_"+"56"+"]", exportAttributes:""});