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    Code Panel In Edge.

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      Does anybody knows a way to expand/collapse all folders together (on the left side) in Edge's code panel easily?


      When having multiple files opened and you have to switch between them, all folders get expanded automatically every single time you switch.

      If you have quite a lot of symbols in 1 file, you also have a very long list with expanded folders.

      In this case I find it better to just expand the ones I need at that moment without having to scroll like crazy.


      I see this as a bug or not finished.
      Wouldn't it be better (or normal) that Edge remembers the state of the codepanels when switching between files?

      And maybe the possibility to add a shortcut for expanding/collapsing all at once?


      I find Edge Animate super, only the codepanel may be a bit more advanced.

      I come from a Flash background and I still miss simple features like "Search & replace" and "Pin active script".

      This would be a HUGE timesaver at least for me when developing in Edge.


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