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    CS6 - Camera Raw 7.1 won't open Nikon D7100 RAW files anymore


      I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 installed on it.

      I use CS6 and a few days ago, I started having trouble when loading files (JPEG & RAW files via Camera Raw). If I loaded more than two or three files, it would crash Photoshop. I tried loading JPEG directly into Photoshop, and it would still crash after 2 minutes. I tried restarting PS, reset my settings to default, restart my PC, and still the problem persisted. I checked the RAM and scratch disks, etc, there was no change with it. I decided I would reinstalled CS6. I did and now Photoshop works perfectly. I can even load JPEG via Camera Raw and it works without crashing. But then, my RAW files won't load via Camera Raw. I have the latest one from what I saw on Adobe's website  - Version Others listed are DNG converter but I don't need that.


      The RAW files I am trying to open are from a Nikon D7100 camera and before, those same files would open with Camera Raw 7.1.

      Can someone please help me out on this. I am a bit desesperate cause I urgently need to edit files on Camera Raw because all my settings are saved on this.


      When I open a raw file, this is the message I get: