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    How can I make my images look good when exporting to PDF document?


      Hello! I'm struggling here with a PDF Brochure that I need to create (intended for web only, not print).

      There are two images that look horrible and pixelated when I create my PDF file. I have tried everything, making the images bigger and smaller, using 72 dpi images and 300 dpi ones. Everything results the same way... It looks perfect in my InDesign file, but in the PDF it looks all damaged. Here are two screen shots, one of how it looks in the PDF and one of how it looks in InDesign.

      InPdf.pngIn InDesign.png


      Could you please tell me what I need to do to guarantee that the image looks good quality in the PDF? (My document is 40cmx20cm, I don't not if using cm is affecting the document).

      To export to PDF I'm using the option: Adobe PDF pressets --> Smallest file size.


      If you can help me I would really appreciate it!

      Thank you,