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    I need help with components

      I have a project where the user imputs some info and the info is displayed on the next frame.
      So on frame 1 I have an imput text component where the user typs their name. 4 radio buttons to choose what video game console the like to play. 1 check box that says I enjoy movies. Lastly there's a button component that goes to the next frame and displays the info in a text area component.
      Which would be like this:
      You name is =
      Your favorite console is =
      You like movies, or you don't like movies

      I'm really new to components and I can't figure out how the gather the info that the user imputs and display it in the text area.
      Any help would be very appreciated.
      I'm using flash pro 2004
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          You will need to store the data from the components on the first frame into variables and the components on the next frame will read the variables.

          Alternatively you can have all the components on both frames (one key frame extended) and use the visible property to show the components appropriate to the frame and hide those that are not. Then you can use the properties of all the components to share data between each other. For that matter you only need one frame to do this.

          If you are new to components you need to learn how they get values if they hold them and how to get values out of them. You also need to know the events they fire when they receive action from the user.

          Finally I do not know the story, but there may be significant functional improvements and bug corrections from Flash MX 2004 to Flash 8. I would suggest not to waste time with MX 2004 and look get Flash 8 pro when there is a with a free upgrade to Flash CS3 due out soon.