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    I need urgent help with finding lightroom presets folder after re-installing mac OS...very stressed wedding photographer :(


      Hi guys, I have recently had to wipe all of my Mac OS from my macbook when it failed to start, and then had to re-install it. I saved all my presets I had bought onto my external hard drive. I've just re installed lightroom, and all the basic presets are showing up on it but I need to add my newer ones back in. When I click on the preferences and presets tab, and go into show lightroom preset folder ( with the box for storing presets catalog unchecked ), it takes me to my initial folder with my name and the little house picture ( users I guess), then library ( but this is faded out and not an option to choose if I just press on the little home folder), then 'application support' then 'Adobe' then 'Lightroom' - then there is nothing showing up under user presets or anything else in that box. I've tried adding my new ones to it just in case but they don't show up in lightroom then. So where is my actually preset folder as it looks like lightroom directs me to the wrong place now everything has been wiped and re added? Hope this makes sense. I'm a wedding photographer and it's peak season so desperately trying to get things back up and running again...feeling mighty stressed! Wish you could just call someone from adobe to actually talk through it. So frustrating that you can't. Any help, greatly appreciated! Em x