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    Why Presenter erase all MP3 when Powerpoint crash ???

    JBourgoin Level 1

      I want to know why Presenter erase all MP3 files if Powerpoint crash ?


      step by step...

      1- Someone came in my studio and record his presentation.  I took him 2 hours.

      2- When finish, I click "save" and close the recording windows.

      3- Back in Powerpoint, I click the save button of Powerpoint... and... Powerpoint crash.

      4- In windows explorer, I see the Powerpoint and the folder create by Adobe Presenter for the audio files with all the MP3 in that folder.

              -"Yes, everything is there"

      5- I re-open the Powerpoint of the client.

      6- Click on modify to see if all the audio are there

      7- Haaaaaaaaa, no audio.

              -"Ok, I just have to reimport all the MP3 one by one"

      8- I try to do that and.... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... the folder with all the audio has been deleted by Presenter !!!!  I lost all the audio !!!!!!


      Ok,  that's not what really happen.  Because I know that sometimes Adobe Presenter decide for me that it want to delete ALL my audio files.  So after step 4 (before re-open the Powerpoint of the client) I made a backup of the folder that contains all the mp3.


      Can someone tell me why Presenter decide to erase all audio files when it crash or when it has a problem ????

      If I did not make a backup, I would have lost all the work of the client...




      And can someone help me with my other post (august 2010)

      Audio files name

      All the 60 slides of my client have a name that doesn't match with the slide.  So because Adobe Presenter crashed et erase all the audio files, I have to re-import them slide by slide.  But with all those bizarre name, I have to listen each files and find the good slide that match with them.  why the mp3 don't have a name that match the slide number.  It would be very very very easiest !!!!!!!!!!



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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          What version of Presenter are you using? I know this was a bug with Presenter 7.0.0, and maybe 7.0.1. I've not heard of it happening since then, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. It may be worth a discussion with Adobe Support about what happened and why Presenter would delete your audio files. You can reach them at 800-945-9120.


          As to you other post, I did reply to it, but Presenter's functionality can't be changed. When you publish the presentation the audio files that are created do have a naming convention that associates them with the slide they are on, but in the build phase, it uses some cryptic method that I've never been able to figure out. So, for that reason, as well as a handful of other non-Presenter related reasons, I've taken to just using an Audio recording/editing application to deal with my audio, and then importing to Presenter. This allows me more control over the naming convention, as well as more control over the quality and settings used to record and/or encode the audio. It may seem like more work at first, but I feel like I can get through the audio portion of Presenter faster when I use a tool built for audio. Just remember to save or split your audio into individual files for each slide. Name them sequentially and then you can import them all at once into Presenter by selecting the first slide you wish to import to, browsing to the audio files and selecting them all for import.

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            JBourgoin Level 1

            I'M using Presenter 9.


            But I have that problem since the begining with Presenter 6 I think.  When at that time I lost the MP3 for a 85 slides Powerpoint...

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Then it is absolutly worth reaching out to Adobe Support about it. If you have had this issue for 6-7 years, and across multiple versions, then I would say you are past due for a resolution. Give support a call, not an email, and have someone start working on what is happening.