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    Is it possible to change the default URL when creating new hyperlinks?


      I'm currently working to take a 128 page catalog that was created in InDesign for print and turn it into a interactive PDF to post on our company's website. The catalog contains thousands of part numbers and I'd like to link each one to its corresponding stock status page on our website that gives current availability and pricing for any particular customer.


      So say I'm dealing with part number "XXXX". When I go to add the hyperlink the default web address it spits out is " http://XXXX ". Instead of that, would it be possible to change the default to " http://forums.adobe.com/discussion/XXXX/1 ". Obviously I just used this website as an example, but it would save so much time if I could avoid having to type the exact same URL every time.


      Or maybe is there a quicker way to do this other than what I am currently trying?