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    after effects multi processing issue


      hi i installed after effects cc2014 on the following machine:


      dell precision t7500

      dual zeon six core with hyperhreading

      36 gb ram

      ssd disks

      nvidia gtx590 gfx card

      ruing 3 dell 22 inch monitors

      on first install multi processing was fine was able to render multiple frames on multiple cpus ect,  i ended up having some heat issues with gfx card so removed it, and installed a nvidia fx 3700 card, after that after effects takes loads longer to load, and when i go to preferences multiprocessing it shows 0 cores used to render multi frames.

      i have set aside 2 cores for other apps, and each of them gets 1.5gb of ram, leaving:

      22 cores (with hyper threading) available to after effects and 33 gb of ram .

      i have tried many different configs but it will not use multi cpu. i switched off hyper threading, so there would be 12 actual cores set aside 2 for other apps and gave them 1.5 gb ram each to use so i should have had: 10 cores and 33gbs of ram left for after effects. i expected to be able to use 8 or 9 cores for multi cpu utilization, with at least a couple of gb for each. but still no multiprocessing available.

      do you think i will have to re install after effects? hope i dont as i have loads of plugins installed so dont realy want all the hassle, i had same problem in the past when i upgraded to the gtx590 card but i was doing a new windows install on new drives so was not much more of a hassle once new install was done multi processing worked ok again.

      any idea from othe who had same issues?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You shouldn't have to reinstall aftereffects, just delete your preferences and start from scratch. Multi processing is a very sensitive beast. Some footage, many codecs, and some of the effects do not play well with multi processing. If your projects contain any of these incompatible elements then multiprocessing will not work effectively.


          Without knowing anything at all about your compensation or the footage used or the codec you are rendering to it is impossible for us to give you suggested settings.