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    How to add interactivity to files that will be exported as .epub


      We're creating a short ebook for internal use and are having difficulties with adding interactive features. Not sure if it's the limitation of .epub files, although they are advertised as being able to be made media-rich on the adobe site.


      • Hyperlinks aren't clickable.
      • Videos don't pause.
      • Interactive buttons (for use on a checklist) don't work.
      • Pan and zoom on photos doesn't work.


      I realize that these items would probably work if we were creating a folio, but since that's a 10 step process, and you need to have the adobe content viewer installed on your device to read them, we figured .epub would be a better way.


      • I'm using a mac.
      • I'm creating the file in indesign 2014,
      • The document set-up is for Digital Publishing, iPad resolution.
      • I'm using the various interactive features that are available.
      • I export as .epub, open on my iPad and nothing works except a video that doesn't pause.