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    geturl() doesn't work with variable

    bvillanyi Level 1
      I have a button which does two things:
      First, it opens a new Flash movie in a new window, using the line:

      getURL("javascript:OpenBrWindow('/movie2.asp','MyMovie','status=0,scrollbars=1','865','690 ','true')");

      then it redirects the original window to a different URL using the line:

      getURL(" http://www.mydomain.com")

      This works fine when the two lines are combined in a button instance as follows:

      on (release) {
      getURL("javascript:OpenBrWindow('/movie2.asp','MyMovie','status=0,scrollbars=1','865','69 0','true')");
      getURL(" http://www.mydomain.com")

      But if I define a variable to contain the first url, and replace the url with the variable, the new window never opens.

      Here's the new code:
      This is set in frame 1:
      myurl = "javascript:OpenBrWindow('/movie2.asp','MyMovie','status=0,scrollbars=1','865','690','tru e')";

      This is the new code behind the button instance:
      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://www.mydomain.com")

      The second command, the redirect, works, but a new window never opens for the other movie.

      Any ideas?