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    Looping data out of Access

      This is my ASp code.

      <%Option Explicit%>
      ''the data coming from Flash
      Dim dvdID
      dvdID = Trim(Request("sentID"))
      '''''''Make the connection
      Dim myConnection
      Set myConnection=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
      myConnection.ConnectionString="DRIVER= {Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};" & "DBQ="& Server.MapPath("../database/jn.mdb")
      '''''''Create the SQL statement we need and set it to a variable
      Dim getDVDInfo
      getDVDInfo = "SELECT * FROM hylde1 WHERE status=" & dvdID
      '''''''Make the record set object
      Dim myRS
      Set myRS=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
      myRS.Open getDVDInfo, myConnection
      Dim allHylder, ids, info, mainMessage
      Do While Not (myRS.EOF)
      allHylder = allHylder& myRS("hylde1")
      ids = ids & myRS("id")
      info = info & myRS("info")

      '''''''Create the message we are sending to Flash
      mainMessage = "hylde1=" & allHylder & "&ids=" & ids & "&info=" & info

      '''''''Clean up...MUST HAVE!!!
      Set myRS=Nothing
      Set myConnection=Nothing
      '''''''Send that data to Flash

      This is my flash(does not work)

      //The listener object for when a user selects a DVD
      var dvd_obj:Object = new Object();
      dvd_obj.change = function(){
      var dvdID = raekke_list.value;
      var dvdInfo_lv:LoadVars = new LoadVars();
      dvdInfo_lv.onLoad = function(success){

      LOOP INFO OUT; HOW??????????

      trace("An error occurred with the connection");
      dvdInfo_lv.sentId = dvdID;
      //send and receive the data
      dvdInfo_lv.sendAndLoad(" http://www.123ogabc.dk/getHyldeInfo.asp",dvdInfo_lv, "GET");
      //add the event listener to the List component
      raekke_list.addEventListener("change", dvd_obj);

      Its all build up so when you press a number in a listBox (number 1-19) some info is supposed to loop out from the id pressed, i.e 1. So far ive used a lot of time on it without luck.

      Hope one of you can help