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    Database Lookup in Adobe Reader


      I have an Adobe document that performs a database lookup based on a value keyed into document.  It works fine in LiveCycle and Acrobat, but does not work in Reader.  From what I've read it looks like I need 'Reader Extensions'.  How and where do get this feature?




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          Have you ever found out how to get this feature. I have been trying to figure this out since before Christmas and nobody at Adobe will call back at the sales number. If you are lucky enough to speak to someone they claim the sales reps are ALWAYS in a meeting.


          I don't even know if the Reader Extensions will solve my problem and would love to trial it, if even for 1 day, but purchasing so far has proved to be the biggest hurdle.

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            stew1204 Level 1

            No one ever replied.  Adobe has nice products, but their support really sucks!!!!!! 

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              iceesk8te Level 1

              I finally got a reply from our special government software company that has a special team that deals with Adobe. Adobe never has given me a price straight out. The company that sells the Reader Extensions is called 4Point, I don't even think you can buy it from Adobe straight out. If you contact them they will talk to you, they are very helpful. If you continue to contact Adobe, they will circle around the issue, sending you from one phone number to another until you are sick of trying and give up. You are right, they have THE WORST customer service of any software company we use.  Careful though, for the privilege of being able to do just a few things here and there you will pay around $200,000 because you have to buy the Reader Extension server. Otherwise you have to license each form separately for the privilege of allowing more than 500 users to fill them out, and that is not a joke. It is not worth the money in my opinion as we are just trying to be able to print bar codes on paper so we can scan them and apparently we can do it if each of our users has Adobe Standard which costs around $80 a person. Much cheaper, just not able to use my forms for the public. We will just use another product for that. Good luck with your issues!


              If Adobe had told me that I needed to contact 4Point at the beginning of December it would have saved me 2 MONTHS of frustration. If I ever need software for something and Adobe is one of the choices they will not be on the top of my list because Customer Service is so important. We were considering their System for our Education and training system, but at this point I have taken them off our list for possible solutions for that.

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                stew1204 Level 1

                I opened another case with Adobe yesterday (case#: 186337464).  The tech talked like it should work, probably because he did not understand the problem.  I sent them my test document.  Waiting for a reply.  I will probably end up doing the same solution you did, buy Acrobat for the users that need this functionality.  I'll let you know what I find out.

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                  Have you ever found out how to get this feature to work?