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    Vista and Buddy API

    Alexlives Level 1
      Does anyone know how to get passed UAC in Vista so that I can write an ini file in the correct Windows directory instead of the VirtualStore/Windows directory?
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          The point of UAC, as I understand it, is that you /can't/ get past it.
          You can use the baVista xtra
          < http://www.mods.com.au/budapi/download/beta/baVista.zip> to determine
          whether the current user is limited (and therefore whether
          virtualization will be in effect)

          You should, however, always be trying to place user-created files in a
          write-enabled directory, and this should apply to XP as much as to
          Vista. Which directory are you trying to write to and what sort of
          information are you trying to save there?
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            SafariTECH Level 1
            Actually, if you go to the BuddyAPI section they have some notes on how to make your projector Vista compatible to perform certain functions that it would normally not allow.

            In order to do some of the functions you have to make certain the projector is running on an account that is an Administrator , or set to run as Administrator even if it is on a limited account.

            Once the user aproves the running of the program, it should then process any of the commands normally. If it runs only as a limited user, there will be restrictions to anything normally handled by the System.

            I am currently working on a project in Vista using BuddyAPI as well and am having no problems while running it as administrator.
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              Alexlives Level 1
              I have the buddy vista xtra and it does give me the VitrualStore directory when called. The instructions on the buddy api site talk about 4 methods of running the program on vista, does anyone have any advice on which method is the most consistent?
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                SafariTECH Level 1
                If you run the program from the HDD, I would recommend registering the program as "Run As Administrator" in the registry ... this can be done as part of the setup process; and as long as your setup exe is called "setup" it will run as administrator anyways.

                If it is running from CD with no installation, making sure the primary executable is called setup.exe, then it will run as administrator by default.

                Either way, the user will get the initial "should I run this program" prompt. If they say yes, and you are running as Administrator, BuddyAPI should work as per normal. .... at least it has so far in the project I am working on.