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    2 monitors: 1 Production & 1 Consumer, which one, how and what?

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      i have a problem! and looking for your help. my monitor is old and ugly(HP w2207h), its not even a full HD, so its time to get rid of it! i am operator and here is the plan: I want to get 2 new monitors: 1 Consumer 10 bit monitor for basic editing, and 1 Pro Production 10bit monitor for color correction, but also i want it to be on set as a reference monitor/director monitor....


      my current system : WIN 7 Pro 64bit, i7-4930K, 32GB RAM, Asus x79-deluxe, EVGA GTX 780Ti SC 3GB, and i use Adobe Production Premium CS6 will all latest updates, i work mostly in Premier, will use Davinci in future as well.


      1. gtx cards are not good for 10 bit out, so what are my options? plz keep in mind i need a solution for 2 monitors, and also as i understand Consumer monitors "shows" 10 bit only with DisplayPort, i am not 100% sure, but thats the info i got somewhere...


      its seems like 10bit cheapest quadro card like K420  is not the option for me...... as it will not work with production monitor i guess.....


      2. also need help choosing good, but also not very expansive Consumer 10 bit monitor, hopefully under 1000 usd, -


      3. and i need Good but not expansive Pro Production 10 bit monitor, i already know about flanders/fsi , but they are kind of expansive and coast even more here in europe..  i wonder what other options out there? who knows?


      i found one interesting option, but i wonder if anyone used it?   ViewZ VZ-240PM-PL ? http://www.viewzusa.com/broadcast/vz240pmpl.html