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    A question concerning implementing a "feedback link"

    kdeuler Level 1



      My objective is to put a "Send Feedback" link in the footer of each RH-generated HTML page, to solicit user comment on the content. I've found very little on this subject. This page, from the "I'd rather be Writing" blog back in 2007, recommends adding a script like the following:


      document.write("<a href="mailto:joe@support.com?subject=Application%20Name%20("+document.title+")%20%20File:%20"+location.href+"">Send Feedback</a>");


      It looked promising. But it keeps giving me a Expecting")" error when I use the "Look" button in the master page. (The scripts link doesn't appear in the published footer.) However, in the script, the parans are balanced: two left, then two right.


      Any help would be appreciated.