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    How can I set a 'default' watermark to appear on all my photos?

    kim 1437

      I've started processing photos on my husband's computer, using his LR.  He passed away recently.  I've created a number of new catalogs, with probably 1000 photos.


      I just emailed some to family, and discovered that his watermark/copyright is on my pictures, which is not a good thing since he passed away.  


      What I would like to do is:

      1.  Change the watermark on those 1000 or so of my photos that are contained within 8 catalogs

      2.  Set up a default so that my watermark appears on all future photos.


      I've gone through the Watermark Editor and made my own custom setting, which shows in the list of custom settings.  My watermark then appears on the photo in the preview within the Watermark Editor window.  I hit 'done' and export the photo to my desktop, but my husband's watermark still appears on it.


      I've fiddled with this for a couple of hours and then looked for help online.  That's how I found your forum.


      Thank you for any assistance.