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    Hide on-load rollovers?

      Hi, just teaching myself dreamweaver for my art/band site - www.katomoran.co.uk
      In the band gallery page I've been doing rollovers so that there is a border of the thumbnails and when you put the cursor over a thumbnail the large version appears in the middle until you move the cursor off again.

      The problem I have is that even though I thought I was selecting 'hide' 'on-load' for the big images, when I upload the page onto the site, all 30 large images visible load and it just looks abit rubbish.

      Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

      Basically what I've been doing is create layer for the large image and name is 'image5' for example. Then I go to the small image, go to behaviours, select 'show-hide layer', select 'show mouse-over', then 'hide mouse-out' on image5.

      Then I select the large image, select 'show-hide layer' and select 'hide-onload' again on image5.

      But its not hiding onload.

      If anyone has any idea that would be great!!