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    Add labels to the URL

    Xoco Level 3

      Hi, I need that every time the user accesses a menu option, then a label is added to the url, for example www.website.com/#option1 or www.website.com/option2 (I don't know if possible) .


      Even when the user chooses the language on the first page, it would be interesting something similar to www.website.com/eng and when then chose one option something like www.website.com/eng/option1, this way could then use the buttons on back and forward.


      I must also consider that it may be the case that a user accesses by history or by a guest to a particular address, for example www.website.com/cat/option3 then somehow I detect link to trigger functions and/or events associated with these menu options.


      I have not been able to find information on the forum, can you help me?


      Thank you.