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    Backwards compatibility

    Publicar En Digital Level 1

      Hi all!


      I am currently using Edge Animate CC 2014 (4.0.0 build).


      This morning a fellow sent to me an Animate file made with 4.0.1 version. I wasn't unable to open it with my 4.0.0 as the file "was made with a newer version of Animate"11


      Is that a joke? How come a X.X.1 millimetric version difference can fire a Backwards Uncompatibility??

      I want to think that this is a slippery bug and it's not made on purpose...


      Thanks !!



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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          In fairness every released version since the beginning exhibited this version checking behavior.

          Simply update your version since the .0.1 fixes some critical Chrome display issues.



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            Publicar En Digital Level 1

            OK I see... everyone's forced to constantly keep downloading and downloading updates all day long. Great.

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              You are not forced to do anything but in the best interest of critical fixes the choice is yours.

              New Release or updates occur once or twice in a release cycle, but in this particular case the .0.1 was a critical release fix.

              Better to go through the update than suffer through the issues the the original 4.0 brought on (for Chrome users).


              Hey, I realize you are frustrated by the inconvenience, best advice is to take a deep breath - let out a very loud grunted sigh and go update



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                Publicar En Digital Level 1

                If my computer's microphone was recording all day long, the resulting track would be a nice collection of deep breaths and grunted sighs


                Because to gently ask developers to test products more thoroughly before release new versions would be so much, may be?


                Thanks Darrell.

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                  resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I agree with Darrell. The 01 update was very important since it corrected the Chrome issues.

                  There are still some problems however that I noticed like text taking time to center on the stage when the composition is centered in the browser.

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                    Publicar En Digital Level 1

                    I think that my vision or perspective is different than yours...


                    The 0.0.1 update was important because of Chrome issues or *whatever* issues... OK


                    But, why users must pay this issues? Is it our fault? What if today someone discover another "issue" and we all are forced again to download 0.0.2 update or what? Is this and endless loop?

                    I set up a team, everyone working with same version... suddenly someone new is added and works with recent installed software, that is only 0.0.1 version older than ours. Then no one could open his files because non-backwards compatibility, forcing the rest of the team to update. These updates are every time more frequent, and I don't want to spend my time updating, I need to work as well! There will be always an excuse: Chrome critical issue, etc. etc. this is crazy.


                    People want to install, work with stability for a while, then may be think about update. This endless patching is not the way. If a product needs to be patched so often, someone is missing their duties. I would prefer to wait until a well polished version arrives.