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    Running Lightroom on NAS System to multiple computers




      Here's the situation:  We have multiple computers currently running their own independent installations of Lightroom each using their own locally referenced library file.  In the near future, in order to allow for greater storage and hopefully greater flexibility/continuity, I am purchasing a WD MyCloud EX4 NAS system.  My question is this:


      Is it possible to place the Lightroom library file on the NAS system along with the full library of photos and then have each computer which has their own independent installations of Lightroom to access the same library file on the NAS.  As I see it this would allow each person the identical access to all of the photos and edits made.  As an example, If I am shooting a project and upload photos via my macbook, the next time that my wife opens lightroom on her iMac she would see the new photos that I had uploaded, she could edit them and then when I access  again on my macbook I would see the edits, etc.


      Is it possible for the library file to be accessed by two computers at the same time and if so, what if we're both making updates?