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    Flowing XL Data into Tables Formatted with Styles




      We have a catalog that was created last year. It is made of tables that have styles applied to fields for the headers and cell content and such. It took a while for the designer to set this all up after the fields were populated with the data. The question is how can we flow this years data from an XL file into those formatted cells without having to go to each cell and apply the styles again?



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          Sumit Singh Adobe Employee

          Hi jmstovepipe,

          You can also paste data from an Excel spreadsheet into an InDesign document.

          The Clipboard Handling preference settings determine how text pasted from another application is formatted.

          If Text Only is selected, the information appears as unformatted tabbed text, which you can then convert to a table.

          If All Information is selected, the pasted text appears in a formatted table.


          If you’re pasting text from another application into an existing table, insert enough rows and columns to accommodate the pasted text, select the Text Only option in Clipboard Handling preferences, and make sure that at least one cell is selected (unless you want to embed the pasted table into a cell).

          If you want more control over formatting the imported table, or if you want to maintain spreadsheet formatting, use the Place command to import the table. If you want to maintain a link to the spreadsheet, select the Create Links When Placing Text And Spreadsheet Files option in File Handling preference settings.


          Hope this helps.



          Sumit Singh

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            jmstovepipe Level 1

            I didn't mention how all the tables are linked as a story over the multiple pages. So do we need to format each block of cells to match each section of the XL file, that would work?


            Last years document is 28 pages with blocks of cells distributed throughout. So we can just copy and paste the XL data into the first block of cells and it will populate the document properly?


            Thanks for your patience!