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    Internal Map ID Editor - Bug

      Do not know if this bug has already been reported as it was also present in X5 so here it goes:
      Activate one or more check-boxes from the dialog available after clicking "option" from the Map ID editor and enter a value in one or more fields and then automatically assign IDs.
      Then open another project and from the same Map ID editor, click on options. The value(s) you entered in the other project are there with the check-boxes activated. Try deleting the values and disactivating the check-boxes and click on OK. Then automatically generate th emap IDs and you will see the the fact of deleting the values did not take effect.
      Onmy way to work around this is to actually close and reopen teh MAp ID editor after haveing removed the values from the option dialog.
      Any ideas if this will be fixed for a future release? Its a real pain! :-)