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    Playing audio on ipad in multiple movie composition




      We have a composition made up of several movie.

      Each movie is accompanied by an audio and subtitles that have to be synchronized.

      Until the latest version of edge, we've broken the audio into little chunks, and synchronized the audio parts with the timeline externally, however this takes a lot of time to accomplish, while each change in the movie causes re-synchronizing the audios with the timeline.


      With the new edge version we can now put the audio on the stage and even use a single audio and control it through the playback to sync with the subtitles (use playFrom and pause). However, it doesn't work on iPad, which requires a user event to start the movie, while the shift from one movie to another can be done automatically (once the first movie ends we continue automatically to the next movie), and there's no use event involved.


      Can anyone suggest a solution for this scenario?

      We thought maybe we could have a single audio file at the composition level, and then somehow share it with all the movies and use the playback to control it.