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    ADE* crash issues


      I have ADE installed on my laptop with Windows 8.1  and it keeps crashing whenever:


      • I get to a certain page;
      • I use the scroll bar to get to a certain page; or,
      • I use the page number box to jump to a certain page.


      For example, whenever I turn to page 337, which might be the problem-page-flavour-of-the-month, ADE will just suddenly "[stop] working", without any indication that it was having problems in the first place, and prompt me to "debug" or "close program". Choosing to debug will only lead you to close the program anyway, as Windows can't even find a solution to the problem.


      I usually run Word 2010 and Chrome alongside ADE, and have previously done so about 4 weeks ago with no problems whatsoever. Furthermore, I have not encountered any crashes on my tablet using a third-party application.


      I can understand if the reason for the crash was to do with the content of certain pages being difficult to process. However, the pages that I've been having issues with is text only.


      If anyone can help me with this problem, I would so very much appreciate your help.


      I have wasted so much time trying to fix this problem that I'm considering ordering the hardcopy of the book, which is the only e-pub I've got uploaded, aside from the default ADE book that comes with the download. The e-pub wasn't even that much cheaper than the hardcopy, and I might tell the online seller to reconsider having the users utilise ADE to access the book for the problems I've been getting, or at least provide an alternate program to download.

      I hope I'm not the only user with this specific problem?