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    Use javascript to have a checkbox determine radio button value


      I am creating a form that is sectioned off into numerous topics. Not all topics will be pertinent for all users.


      Under each topic is several statements, each followed by a 3-choice radio button group. The choices are "Yes", "No", and "Not Applicable".


      I have created a "Not Applicable" checkbox at the top of each section. What I would like to accomplish is for all radio buttons for that subtopic to default to "Not Applicable" if the checkbox for the topic is checked.


      I tried putting this in the Mouse Up event for the checkbox to no avail (in frustration, I tried it in the Mouse Down and Mouse Exit events as well to no success):


      //Auto Check Related Not Applicable Radio Buttons


      var cb = this.getField("cbSaNa");


      if (cb.isBoxChecked(0))




        rbSa1.value = "NA"


        rbSa2.value = "NA"


        rbSa3.value = "NA"


        rbSa4.value = "NA"


        rbSa5.value = "NA"


        rbSa6.value = "NA"




      Yes, the "Not Applicable" choice's value is "NA".


      I much appreciate any help.