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    Text boxes in the middle of formatted text?


      Is it possible to insert a text box in the middle of a paragraph, as you see often in lease agreements?


      For example:

      "This agreement between _______________________________________________ (Patient) and Fit MD, LLC (Fit MD) establishes guidelines and conditions required for the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involving DEA “controlled” or “scheduled” medications. Fit MD and Patient agree that these guidelines and conditions are an essential factor in maintaining a successful patient-physician relationship. Adverse side effects and/or physical/psychological dependence may develop after repeated use of these medications and therefore, these agents are prescribed and should only be used with caution."


      I would like the line area to be fillable by the patient - this is where they would add their name. Is this possible, and if so...how?


      Many thanks for any help you can give to this newbie,