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    Update to Flash Player 15 error


      A user got the Install Update popup on his computer for version 15...He clicked install and it began downloading...However, an error appeared stating "An error has occurred while downloading the installer.  Please make sure you are connected to the Internet and try again."


      The user was connected to the Internet...he rebooted the PC and now the popup does not appear again so he is unable to try again...Have there been any issues with any update versions regarding this error and is there anything we need to do to fix or is it just an error that occurs on occasion?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi cpilly`,

          The network connection error may have been a glitch in the network that resulted in the failure.


          Regarding not getting the update notification after rebooting, this is standard behavior.  Flash Player checks for an update every 7 days and creates a registry entry if one is found to display the update notification window the next time the user logs on.  Since the update notification window displayed, it'll be at least another 7 days, give or take, before Flash Player checks again and creates the registry entry (if the user hasn't updated before then).  The 7 day interval is for notification updates.  If background updates are enabled, the background update service checks for an update once per day.