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    Ranking and spam voters.

    twinklebunnytoes Level 1
      I know the lab must have it's hands full perfecting kuler, but I sure would like to see some kind of ranking for the color swatches.

      I know the screen is limited in size. But even if the only place people can see it is in their own account, it would still be a little slice of heaven.

      Maybe it could read, "This swatch ranks 92 out of 8,765" for example. I hope there is a process for building that.

      I ask because one of mine was fifteenth from the top ranked swatch and it disappeared. So, I paged through several screens, but it must have gone way down the list. It was still in my account, but a ranking would sure have helped me figure out how far back it was.

      Maybe it vanished because someone came along and voted 4 stars on dozens and dozens of swatches, one after the other.
      Is this spam voting or something else that I don't understand about your system? It's kind of a mystery...

      I think this tool is going to become very popular. It is far too addictive. I wonder how many people at work are playing with it right now??? Ha ha.

      Okay, thats all. Love the product and keep up the good work. You guys are awesome and I really appreciate all you have done.