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    4k System build

    12 Point Productions

      Hi All:


      I've never built a system before and after reading all the stuff out there I feel like my head is about to spin around and pop off. So here is what I need the system to do:

      • Run creative cloud (specifically premiere and after effects)
      • edit 4k files from any dslr, Red, and the like
      • Output to JPEG2000, ProRes 422, mp4/h2.64 and render relatively well (not looking for light speed but decent)
      • Have thunderbolt ports (at least two)
      • Handle three monitors (not necessary but wanted. Must handle at least two 27" monitors)


      I have a Drobo Raid system that is set up with 10-tb and is thunderbolt and USB 3 compatible. The drives in the Drobo spin at 7200 and the system is set at Raid 5. I'd like to connect to the Drobo via thunderbolt.


      Looking to keep the price about $3500.00. Any suggestions?