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    lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache. helping a friend..


      Im not a lightroom user. even though I have some version 4. I use acdsee pro 6. but my friend has the 5.6 CC version but has a language issue so im trying to help me. basically will guide him over the phone.


      he was editing a wedding, the computer crashed. he rebooted, lightroom came with the preview cache error. he rebooted again..same issue. he did a repair but to no avail. he tried installing an older version in parralel but no success.


      what exactly does he need to do. im not a light room user. I use PS CS6 but not LR.


      anybody can help to help him. I did read some posts and it noted about thumbnail previews and removing or erasing/renaming


      1- where is this file located please?

      2-are there many of these ? and how do I know which is the one he needs to choose?


      thank you for your help.